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Global Talent Acquisition Services

Here at Bradford Jacobs, we have spent years on building a team of experts who can support you in your goals of global expansion. Together we have gained years of in-depth knowledge of local recruitment, laws, processes, and cultural practices around the globe.

Challenges Acquiring Global Talent

Hiring global talent to enhance your business is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. To arrange the process you will be confronted with:
  • The need to set up a legal entity or branch office to employ the prospect hire – this can be a lengthy and expensive process.
  • The need to follow all the required processes of talent search and to get familiar with local recruitment laws and regulations to avoid unexpected penalties – not to mention potential language barriers.
  • The need to obtain a local banking account, tax ID, and other formalities before you can legally hire anyone.
  • Delays in the onboarding process, the set up of your payroll, tax deductions, pension payments, social security payments, and other local requirements.

How does Bradford Jacobs approach Global Talent Acquisition?

  • Bespoke processes:  We can customize the global recruitment process to suit your needs and industry, whether you would like to leave everything to us or include pre-screening, interviews, and rigorous testing.
  • Global market analysis:  For any global market, our experts can supply you with the latest in-depth information on local employment regulations, expected salaries, and cultural practices.
  • Worldwide connections in multiple industries:  We have built up years of connections around the world in many industries, giving you access to the best potential candidates, wherever you are.
  • Tap into local recruiters: For that hyper-local knowledge on ever-changing employee laws and expectations, we can reach out to local recruitment experts in any country you might want to expand into.
  • Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO):  Tell us what you need, and we will take care of the legwork, finding, hiring, and onboarding the most valuable international talent for your expansion plans. Find out more on our RPO service page.

How to Acquire Global Talent with Bradford Jacobs?          

We make every step of your global hiring easier, quicker, more cost-effective, and 100% compliant:
  • For starters, you won’t need to set up a new legal entity or branch office as we have worldwide entities and connections, giving you the global mobility to test new markets at speed.
  • Our multi-lingual international recruitment agents can tap into local recruitment networks in any industry, finding you the best international talent, anywhere in the world.
  • We have years of knowledge on each country’s recruitment laws, processes, and cultural practices, meaning you don not have to spend your time or resources on getting to know these in order to start your global talent search.
  • After shortlisting the talents who will be able to add value to your global expansion, we can onboard employees in just a few days you had to do, so you can immediately start seeing the return on your investment.
  • We will also take on the responsibilities of your global employees’ payroll, benefits, taxes, pension payments, as required by the employment laws of your new country.
  • On all the above, our experts will ensure that every step in the process is guaranteed to be 100% compliant.

How we assist you

When finding the perfect employees in your own country can take months, can you imagine how difficult it can be to find global talent in other countries? Fortunately, when you make the most of our international recruitment services, you will be able to act in days, not months.

How can we support you in the post-recruitment process?

It is simple. After finding, shortlisting, and hiring the most suitable candidate for your global expansion needs, we’ will keep supporting you with:
  • 100%-compliant employee contracts
  • Benefits packages (we have access to international incentives)
  • Ongoing payroll management
  • Visa administration (for home-country employees moving into new markets)
  • Employee classification – getting this wrong can result in steep fines
  • 24/7 query support for global employees

Anything else you need to know about Global Talent Acquisition?

Get in touch with us to explore your global hiring needs. Download our guide to Global Talent Acquisition for more information on our service.