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Hire and Employ Globally by using a Global PEO - Professional Employer Organization Company

No entity set up or costly overseas subsidiary, speed up expansion, reduce costs and be legally compliant by using our Global PEO services.

Global PEO compliantly onboards and pays your international workforce 

Global Expansion

Expand your business into foreign markets 100% compliantly with use of a global PEO

Employee Mobilization and Relocation

Allow your employees to compliantly work from anywhere in the world

Global Remote Working

Remove restriction from only hiring from local markets and build your team from a global talent pool of potential employees

Test New Global Markets

Enter global markets immediately, move your best team to engage new customers

What is Global PEO?

A Global PEO is a Global Professional Employer Organization. A service used by businesses to globally expand and build remote working teams in foreign countries. 

If you need to build a remote team or hire an employee in a foreign country a Global Professional Employer Organization is the most cost effective and legal way of achieving this. A PEO allows you to employ globally without the need of setting up and managing a costly legal entity. Bradford Jacobs is a Global Professional Employer Organization service provider, with a network of PEOs all over the world. Your international employee would use our PEO and we would become their "Employer of Record" (EOR). In partnership with your business, Bradford Jacobs would function as the legal employer of your employee abroad and take over certain responsibilities while you remain responsible for the day-to-day activities of this team member.  By using our Global Professional Employer Organization network, you can turn international freelancers, contractors and global consultants into compliant employees or build entire teams anywhere in the world. Global PEO allows businesses to explore and hire from the global talent pool. It is the best tool in the world of globalization.

What are the benefits of using a Global Professional Employer Organization?

Save Money

By using our existing network of legal entities, you save the expense of having to set up your own legal entity.

Save time

Onboard employees in new territories in hours instead of months. Use our local knowledge to hire and manage your international employees at speed


Leave the legal processes to us and spend your time and budget on growing your business.


Move employees all over the world, test new markets in days. Bradford Jacobs PEO services gives you access to 180+ countries.


Without the support of a PEO, going it alone means shouldering the risks of local laws and administrative issues like Tax.


It is proven that businesses with the support of a PEO see lower turnover rates. Happy employees mean a better business.

Are you ready to explore new Global opportunities?

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Cost of Entity Setup or Use a Global PEO?

When expanding into new markets it is the norm to set up an entity but with a Professional Employer Organization your company does not need to do that.  Expanding globally or creating a team in a new country on your own is a costly and time-consuming venture. Setting up an entity can take months and you might want to plan for new employees before you are able to legally hire them and pay their salaries. A Global Professional Employer Organization like Bradford Jacobs will have your business set up abroad in days not months.

Expand Your Business or Organization Internationally into Any Country

Use our local knowledge and expertise!

Explore our up-to-date country guides and our fully compliant material on how to enter new international markets.

Global Professional Employer Organization FAQ's

Yes. Using our international recruitment networks and connections, we can find, shortlist, and hire the best talent in any country. Plus, as your EOR, we’ll take on all the responsibilities on managing their day-to-day processes, such as payroll, taxes, benefits, and more.
The short answer is increased risk and the chance of steep fines or penalties. In many countries, Employee Misclassification is a serious legal offense. For example, even though they may be a contractor, if you provide them with sufficient work for 5 days a week, that can lead to you being their only client and they can no longer be classified as a contractor or consultant. This is where, as an EOR, we can confirm that an employee’s ongoing status is 100% compliant with the complex legalities of each country.
Yes. Becoming your EOR, as part of our PEO services, we’ll handle all the finer details of payroll, from ensuring monthly payment to deducting taxes and pension payments as the local employment laws require.
Within 24 hours. As soon as we know your company’s goals for global expansion and the PEO services that will most benefit you, we can draw up a mutual contract and get to work.
Our expert PEO services have supported all kinds of clients in various industries around the world, from Legal to Software. If you’re looking for a Global PEO, we can help you.
For all global employees, we would become your Employer of Record (EOR), meaning that we take on the risks and responsibilities of your international employees. However, these employees are still legally employed by your company and come to you for day-to-day management – we just take care of all the local processes like payroll and benefits, so that you don’t have to.
Should you need to unexpectedly terminate the contract in the case of an emergency or the necessity to put employees on furlough, you pay a deposit.

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Bradford Jacobs is your partner every step of the way. To find out more about our services and how we can support you, you can download our Professional Employer Organization guides. You can also contact us directly at any time: