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Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Global expansion starts with an Employer of Record. An EOR service allows you to create global remote teams so your business can explore and test new markets, without the need to set up a new entity abroad.

Bradford Jacobs is a Global Employer of Record company: we have years of international employment expertise using the EOR model. We can provide you with complete legal compliance in any country or global market including local labor laws, taxes laws, visa regulations and employment contracts.

Global Expansion

Expand your business into foreign markets 100% compliantly with the use of a PEO

Employee Mobilization and Relocation

Move your employees compliantly anywhere in the world in hours, not months

Global Remote Working

Build an international team in multiple countries. Allow your employees to work anywhere in the world

Test New Global Markets

Enter global markets immediately, move your best team to engage with new customers

What is an Employer of Record?

EOR is a service that we provide to companies like yours that want to expand their business abroad. Using our global entity network, we will become the Employer of Record for your international employee(s), meaning we take full responsibility for:
  • The labor contract
  • Complying with local laws
  • Paying taxes according to the local tax regime
  • Payroll
The international employee still works for your company and you are still in control of day-to-day tasks and activities. We just take the legal responsibilities of employing and paying employees internationally. This allows you to place employees anywhere in the world at any time without the risk of not meeting national laws and regulations. We have a team of HR, payroll, and international legal experts, that can set-up an EOR within days not months.

What are the benefits of using an Employer of Record EOR?

There are many benefits to using the Employer of Record services of an organization like Bradford Jacobs, such as:


An Employer of Record removes the cost of setting up a legal entity in a new country.


No need to inspect all laws, regulations, find local administrators. markets, because an Employer of Record takes care of this. 


With our years of in-depth expertise, using an Employer of Record ensures that local labor laws, regulations are 100% compliant.


EOR allows true Global Employee Mobility. Place any employee anywhere on the planet by using our Global Network.


While we take care of the local processes required in setting up a global workforce in a new country, you can focus on business. 


Using an Employer of Record allows you to provide the same benefits and perks to your employees globally

Why do I need an Employer of Record?

You can expand into new countries without the support of an EOR but that means setting up a new legal entity within that country and needing an in-depth understanding of many, ever-changing employment laws and compliance regulations. Or you could use an Employer of Record.

Setting up an entity or subsidiary is a maze of red tape, administrative and hidden legal costs. Finding the local expertise and advice to navigate a complex business manoeuvre. Globally expanding abroad is fast and straight forward when you use Employer of Record or PEO services.

Employer of Record FAQ's

Every EOR handles this process a differently, but with Bradford Jacobs, our journey is this: Step 1: Assessment We like to understand your organization fully to assess which of our services will be most necessary in helping you globally expand; we call it a PEO relationship. By taking the time to get to know your business and its goals, we get a better insight of who you would like to employee in the new territory. With this information, we can hit the ground running with processes that make sure your global employees are completely compliant, such as setting up payroll, benefits, tax, and visas. Step 2: Onboarding As your Employer of Record, we agree terms with you before setting up your employment contracts. Here, we are aiming to understand all your company benefits and working arrangements so that employees understand these from the get-go and feel like part of the family. At this point we take a small service deposit to protect you and the employee in the event of sudden redundancy. Throughout the expansion process, as your chosen PEO Employer of Record, we take your protection and international compliancy seriously to reduce risk for all parties at every step. Step 3: Ongoing support We will provide continuous oversight to your global employees, ensuring that benefits and payroll are delivered on time, every time. No matter the time, country, or language, if you have any issues or concerns regarding payroll, benefits, tax, or legal compliance, we are here to help.
There is no limit on the size or kind of business that can benefit from an Employer of Record. If you are looking to expand into new countries, you may benefit from an EOR. For small to medium-sized businesses who cannot shoulder the inherent risks of expansion alone, an EOR like Bradford Jacobs can offer support in local finance, HR, and employment laws all over the world. This means you can keep your resources streamlined and where you need them, focusing on your business growth strategy. Even for the biggest of Fortune 500 companies, an EOR opens the door to new levels of global mobility, entering in new countries and markets compliantly with a team of experts with local knowledge and networks to make use.
We are not, but that does not mean we cannot find and recruit talent or international employees all over the world with our Global Employment Outsourcing services. With our in-depth knowledge of employment laws around the world and existing relationships with local recruiters and talent, we cut down the time and resources needed to fill your international workforce with top talent.
While it sometimes appears more convenient and cost-effective to hire foreign contractors, doing so means you need to be knowledgeable on all the laws and regulations affecting their employment in whatever country you are moving into. For example, to do so, you need to set up legal entity within that country, which can be a costly, drawn-out process. Not to mention that failing to do this beforehand can land you with some serious fines, penalties, and even potential a court case.
We are able to onboard a new international employee for you in hours or in some cases days. In, no longer than 3 weeks, you can have you entire set up in another country across all our countries. With years of expertise and existing local connects and labor infrastructure, we can get your new employees adding value to your company in no time.
As the company who knows best where your employees’ time is best spent, we will leave the day-to-day management to you. Our job is to handle the legalities and processes included in hiring international employees, such as payroll, benefits, and taxes, making sure they are all sorted and 100% compliant without ever landing on your desk.
There is no need. One of the major benefits of making a Global PEO your Employer of Record is that you do not need to set up a legal entity in another country to hire new employees, which, naturally, would require a heavy investment of time, money, and resources. We have existing infrastructures to be able to legally source, hire, and manage new global employee processes and remain 100% compliant in each country you need to operate in. It is what we do, and we do it well.
If you have found talent in a country we are not in, it will not be a problem. We have a network of experts around the world, meaning we can act as a liaison with local teams to organize payroll, benefits, taxes, and everything else your new employee needs.
As the United States in the only country to recognize “at-will employment”, you will not need to worry about this specific legality in other countries. The idea of at-will employment is a US-only concept that means an employee can be fired at any time without prior warning, as long as the reason they are being fired is not illegal, such as an act of discrimination. This also applies to the employee, who may quit without formal warning, should they want to. As your EOR, we understand the nuances of each countries’ labour laws, including collective bargaining agreements, workers’ union, and any specific regulations you may need to be made aware of. No matter the country, we will make sure you are compliant and in the loop.
Of course – that is why we are experts. We have years of experience in local labor laws, employment regulations, local work culture, and so much more, meaning we can handle every step of the process with 100% compliance and ease, as your chosen EOR.

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