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Hiring independent contractors may seem like the right move, as you’ll have access to a wide range of experts relevant to your business without the commitment or risk of adding them to your permanent workforce.

However, overseas independent contractors can easily become very complicated when you consider the fact that contractor laws and regulations vary across the world and they are constantly changing. For example, did you know that hiring an independent contractor as a full-time employee is illegal? As a result of unfamiliar local regulations like this, many businesses get into legal trouble when their contractor is declared an employee by the local authorities.

How can Bradford Jacobs Contractor Management Services help?

Our team at Bradford Jacobs can manage multiple contractors and centralizes your global contractor network; we have experience supporting large businesses with 100s of contractors who were required to be onboarded as compliant employees. To avoid the potential delays and costs of handling international contractor management alone, our professional contractor management services ensure that you are building your international workforce in a cost-effective, efficient, and compliant way.

How do I turn my overseas contractors into full-time employees?

It is illegal for an international contractor to become a full-time employee of your company without changing their employee classification. In certain countries this can be punished severely with unexpected fines and, in some cases, jail time. To avoid this you must convert your overseas contractors into employees to comply with international laws. This requires:
  • In-depth knowledge of the conversion process
  • An attractive contract worth signing up for – it must be competitive with other local contracts or they might go elsewhere
  • Understanding of a country’s local laws and cultural practices
  • The support of compliant legal, HR, and accountant teams
Bradford Jacobs is a professional contractor management company with the skills, knowledge, and experience to make this process is easy and fully compliant without the need to handle any of these steps yourself.

What Contractor Management Services do you offer?

As you are probably already realizing, there are many benefits to using the contractor compliance consultancy services of an organization like Bradford Jacobs, such as:

Contractor negotiations, transitioning from contractor to employee
Negotiations around their new employment contract
Ensuring 100% compliance in the employee’s native language
Securing attractive benefits to retain their interest
Compliant and efficient onboarding process
Pay negotiations, including full compliance with local tax laws and deductions
Building a contract that drives employee performance and value
Reduce risks and disputes, saving money, time, and resources
Ongoing management of your entire contractor workforce, including day-to-day processes and queries surrounding payroll, taxes, benefits, and more.
Take on the full responsibility of risks as your Employer of Record (EOR)

Find out more about Bradford Jacobs Contractor Management Services

Read through our guide below or get in touch with a member of our expert team if you would like to know more about our contractor management services or if you need support compliantly transitioning your overseas contractors into full-time employers.