United Kingdom Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services

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United Kingdom Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) Services 

Bradford Jacobs are a Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) providing Employer of Record (EOR) solutions for international companies planning to expand their staff and operations into the United Kingdom. Bradford Jacobs make this possible without the expense and uncertainty of establishing subsidiaries. Our UK EOR services typically include payroll, tax filing and compliance with UK labour laws, HR and workforce management.

You interview and appoint staff from the candidates sourced by Bradford Jacobs’ employment specialists and become their formal employer. We step in as Employer of Record and remove all the administration headaches by handling the complexities of the UK’s labour laws to ensure you comply with all contractual and legal obligations. You retain day-to-day operational control of your employer.

Bradford Jacobs’ EOR solutions will accelerate your company’s penetration of the UK market. We remove the need to follow the traditional route of establishing subsidiaries or branches and reduce by 90% the time it takes to become fully operational by standing alongside you as your strategic expansion partner and consultant. Limited local knowledge is no longer a barrier as Bradford Jacobs have the local expertise vital to your success through our unrivalled UK PEO and EOR operations.

What is Professional Employer Organisation for the UK?

Bradford Jacobs’ role as the Employer of Record (EOR) for your international employees is to provide specific payroll, HR and compliance services for expansion into the United Kingdom. Most importantly Bradford Jacobs’ commitment to protecting our clients and their workforce make us the preferred international Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) for your company’s future.

Initially Bradford Jacobs’ specialists will undertake consultation to assess your specific requirements and timeframe and fit these to the ideal model from our PEO and EOR platforms.

As these are co-employer and employee arrangements, the client will need to consider a number of important conditions so that the PEO model remains accurate, timely and – most importantly – complies with the rules and regulations governing staff employment in the UK.

Your chosen candidate is hired via Bradford Jacobs’ agencies in the UK in accordance with local employment laws and can be ready to work within a few days. One of our experts is exclusively assigned to work with your team to satisfy your requirements, representing your company as if he or she were your own employee.

How United Kingdom Professional Employer Organisation Works

Bradford Jacobs appreciate businesses have individual requirements, often creating unique recruitment situations. This is why Bradford Jacobs provide a consultative approach and bespoke solution to each of our clients because we know one size does not fit all.

Our UK Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) services enable clients to operate staff in-country with no worries over HR services, tax, payroll and having to respond to changes in local tax regulations or employment law. As global PEO and Employer of Record (EOR) experts we adhere to employment contract best practices and can deal with severance issues and even termination of employment if necessary. We also guarantee to keep you updated on employment law changes in the UK.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the simplicity of having Bradford Jacobs provide your UK employment plans.

  • Your company is ready to either place an employee in the UK or recruit from UK
  • Once the candidate is selected Bradford Jacobs step in as EOR through our legal UK entity to arrange compliance with regulations, employment contracts, payroll, HR, tax and where required, visas and work permits
  • Your company has daily control of the employee, while Bradford Jacobs manage all work-related registration formalities, and our consultants ensure they are aware of holidays, benefits and entitlements policy
  • Employee sends us completed time sheets and approved expenses claims and we invoice client. When paid, we deduct all contributions to UK authorities and transfer balance into contractor’s chosen bank
  • Within a few days your company has international presence in a new market, in prime position to explore further expansion

United Kingdom Professional Employer Organisation Company

Bradford Jacobs are monitoring events prior to the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union and are poised to advise businesses worldwide who are planning expansion into the UK.

Our UK PEO (Professional Employer Organisation) and UK EOR (Employer of Record) international expertise will guide you in hiring your chosen candidate by handling all admin issues such as payroll, tax, HR and compliance with local employment laws – without the expense and complexity of establishing an in-country subsidiary or branch.

Bradford Jacobs provide in-house UK PEO specialists and legal experts, a global Employer of Record (EOR) network and highly trained staff to smooth your path through the many laws and regulations for hiring staff in the UK … saving time and money for your company while you concentrate on your business.

The alternative of establishing a subsidiary or entity in the UK to initially place a small team is time consuming, expensive and complex, when the priority is to be quickly up-and-running. UK employment law has strong worker protection practices, requiring complete attention to detail in addition to total understanding of local best practices. For example, when sending a job offer to a potential employee in the UK, it is a legal requirement to include a comprehensive employment contract, in English, detailing employees’ compensation, benefits and termination requirements. An offer letter and employment contract in the UK must state the salary and any compensation amounts in UK currency rather than a foreign currency.

Such compliance requirements and legalities during the global hiring process are expertly handled by Bradford Jacobs’ in-house teams when expanding into the UK. We help you hire your candidate of choice and our UK PEO and EOR specialists handle every aspect of setting up in the UK, making it a problem-free exercise for you in terms of compliance with all local laws. Setting up a subsidiary or entity in the UK could take months, but your expansion plans are now on the move, within days, with Bradford Jacobs on board every step of the way.

Using A UK Professional Employer Organisation

Bradford Jacobs’ international Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) and Employer of Record (EOR) employment solutions enable employers to have their mobile workforce legally and officially employed in the UK as an attractive, fast and stress-free alternative to the time-consuming and expensive exercise of establishing a legal entity in-country. Employers select their candidate – Bradford Jacobs handles the rest.

UK PEO Features and Benefits

  • Customised solutions for all nationalities
  • Local specialist partners provide ongoing professional and business support
  • Extensive EOR expertise ensures employees benefit from relevant treaties on expatriate tax, double taxation and reclaimable expenses plus social security agreements
  • Value-for-money flexible fees apply only when contractor begins work and include filing UK tax returns and expenses claims. If employee uses own accountant, fees are covered by Bradford Jacobs to the level charged by our accountant
  • Five million Euros cover for employers’ business liabilities
  • One-to-one contact with Bradford Jacobs’ consultant ensures employee concentrates on role

UK Professional Employer Organisation benefits for employer

  • Rapid solution to on-boarding international employees
  • Total control of operating budgets as all employer costs are detailed at outset for full transparency
  • Time efficient – minimal paperwork removes red tape involved in setting up subsidiary
  • Expert assistance with employment and compliance concerns
  • Reduced legal and accountancy costs
  • Bradford Jacobs’ service includes all statutory professional insurances

UK Professional Employer Organisation benefits for employee

  • Worry-free compliant local employment contract
  • On time and 100% accurate salary payment
  • One-to-one professional HR help with employment-related questions
  • Updates on tax and compliance regulations

UK Professional Employer Organisation Employment Benefits

  • Employee receives comprehensive employment contract in English and, if required, their native language
  • Prior to contract offer, Bradford Jacobs provide overview of all UK statutory provisions, HR regulations, employment laws and protocols
  • Bradford Jacobs’ UK advisers will recommend where these provisions can be enhanced so employers can offer a competitive salary and benefits package
  • Salary, commission, bonuses and benefits are all contractually agreed with the employer

UK Professional Employer Organisation Human Resources Services

  • Comprehensive on-call service to assist with routine HR concerns such as absence management and processing expenses
  • Guidance with UK compliance rules, such as legal obligation to record hours worked and overtime provisions
  • Prompt 24/7 support with disciplinary or grievance issues needing urgent response
  • Regular updates and readily available advice to ensure ongoing compliance with UK employment law in the event of any significant changes
  • Bradford Jacobs liaise with employees to ensure they are up to date with companies’ internal policies and handbooks
  • Accident insurance as required by UK law is provided as standard, covering occupational accidents, commuting accidents and occupational illnesses

UK Professional Employer Organisation Payroll Services

  • Fully compliant international PEO / EOR payroll funding process, ensuring employees and competent authorities are paid electronically on time into nominated bank account
  • Statutory filing, submissions and end-of-year reporting completed as standard
  • Liability payments made in accordance with UK requirements to the respective relevant authorities well in advance of deadlines
  • Payments made to employees on a fixed weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis as required in UK currency
  • Electronic payslips provided for employees
  • UK compensation and benefits are also covered by the PEO / EOR services

Bradford Jacobs are confident you will share a long and mutually beneficial relationship with your staff. However, if an employee decides to move on be assured all necessary leaving documents required by him or her will be issued promptly and efficiently. Be aware that according to UK employment legislation the employee will risk having their work permit revoked if they (i) do not perform the role for which they are employed or (ii) lose or did not have the vital qualifications necessary to fulfil the role.

UK Professional Employer Organisation Visas Permits and Migration

Bradford Jacobs ensure all visas and work permits are obtained in time to secure the employee’s smooth transition to the UK. Our services strictly comply with all regulations on visas and work permits.

Contact Bradford Jacobs for our UK Professional Employer Organisation Services

Bradford Jacobs’ in-depth and unrivalled knowledge of the United Kingdom’s employment laws and tax regulations ensure that international companies will enjoy the smoothest possible transition for their expansion plans. From the first step of selecting candidates to filling the designated role, to organising visas and work permits and then managing every aspect of administration, Bradford Jacobs will clear every hurdle. Bradford Jacobs’ expertise as an Employer of Record will ensure compliance with tax, payroll and employment laws, HR issues, insurance, statutory holiday entitlements for the employee, who remains under daily control of your company.

All of this is made possible by PEO and EOR, without the costly and time-consuming alternative of setting up a subsidiary within the country. You and your staff concentrate on business, Bradford Jacobs concentrate on everything else.