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UK Payroll Services 

Bradford Jacobs are a leading international payroll organisation with 20 years’ experience managing the daunting complications of the United Kingdom’s payroll regulations facing companies expanding into the UK. Bradford Jacobs are global payroll service providers, fulfilling this function for companies and corporations worldwide, and we are the PEO payroll experts in the UK.

Using PEO payroll services is strongly recommended when entering the UK market, and Bradford Jacobs ensure companies always comply with the latest regulations while onboarding your new employees.

As your payroll partners our dedicated specialists remove the burden of UK tax and employment laws while you focus on building your business in a new territory.

What taxation rules exist for Payroll?

Employers running payroll must stay up to date with UK personal tax rates and Corporation Tax. National Insurance Contributions towards the UK’s social security programme are another responsibility. Employers typically contribute 13.8% and the employee 12% but rates can vary depending on various factors.

Sounds complicated? Avoid the red tape and bureaucracy by utilising Bradford Jacobs’ global payroll services for your UK payroll taxes. Our UK PEO payroll specialists ensure your company is always up-to-the-minute with changes to rules, rates or taxes. You are free to devote the time instead to your company’s expansion.

What UK Payroll options are available for companies?

Companies in the UK running their own payroll must comply with the Real Time Information (RTI) system to report to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) using software to deal with tasks such as:

  • Recording employees’ details
  • Calculating employees’ pay and deductions
  • Reporting payroll information to HMRC
  • Calculating payments to HMRC
  • Calculating statutory pay such as maternity or sick pay

Deciding which software to use requires considerable research as there are dozens of paid-for options as well as other free payroll managing sites for companies with fewer than 10 employees. HMRC have tested and recognised many of the sites but warn users it is vital to be sure which software will fulfill all your requirements. HMRC also warn that changing software can result in miscalculating PAYE and duplicating payroll records.

More complications … but they can be avoided by working with payroll services UK specialists Bradford Jacobs. We source the candidates for you to select your new UK staff members and begin implementing payroll so every detail relating to salaries, tax and UK employment laws is dealt with by the time they are in their office. Less hassle – more productivity.

What is required to set up UK Payroll?

Companies expanding into the UK and planning to run their own payroll must follow strict protocols laid down by HMRC. These include:

  • Register as an employer with HMRC and obtain log-in for PAYE Online
  • Choose payroll software to record employees’ details, calculate pay and deductions and report to HMRC on or before their first payday
  • Inform HMRC about all employees and maintain detailed records
  • Pay HMRC tax and National Insurance contributions owing
  • Complete annual reports, send final payroll report, update employees’ payroll records, update software, issue P60, report expenses and benefits
  • Ensure employees recruited in the UK have a P45 form from previous employer, or go through HMRC’s starter checklist to obtain correct tax code

Payroll outsourcing UK is your solution to avoiding this mass of red tape and Bradford Jacobs’ proven success as global payroll service providers will ensure you comply with all the above regulations. Expanding your worldwide presence is your priority – managing all your compliance issues is ours. Contact Bradford Jacobs today!

What Entitlement / Termination terms are needed to set up UK Payroll?

Companies employing UK staff are legally required to include a statutory termination notice as part of their contract. The actual period is at the employer’s discretion and is typically one month for regular staff and up to three months for senior employees. Employees in continual employment for two years are entitled to a statutory redundancy payment (SRP).

Other potential issues may include outstanding wages or expenses, pay in lieu of notice, outstanding holiday pay, written reasons for dismissal, references and any tax on redundancy payments. HMRC must be informed when an employee leaves and employers are required to follow more stringent regulations.

These can often be stressful situations but by using Bradford Jacobs as your UK payroll partner this weight can be lifted. Check our Hiring and Termination section on our website.

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