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Poland Work Permits, Visas and Migration 

Visas or work permits for Poland vary depending on which countries individuals are moving from and their nationality. Poland is a member of the European Union and also has special arrangements with some countries comprising the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) group.

Organising visas and work permits, moving staff across the world or recruiting within the new territory would require an in-house specialist department. Few companies have these resources or the time. Bradford Jacobs’ Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) global recruitment network, and Employer of Record (EOR) outsourced payroll services, have the resources and the time. We are experts in hiring staff and applying for work visas and permits with the correct documentation.

Poland Visas and Work Permits

Poland is part of the European Union, so EU citizens can visit or look for employment for 90 days in a 180-day period without a visa, but must have valid travel documents. They can extend their visit when looking for employment but must register with the municipality mayor’s office where they reside and fulfil one of the following conditions:

  • Is an employee or self-employed in Poland
  • Is in the possession of sufficient finances to support themselves so that they are not reliant on social security system, and possess health insurance

There is a comprehensive list of non-EU foreigners exempt from visa requirements when entering Schengen Area for periods not exceeding 90 days within 180-day period, which can be found at https://udsc.gov.pl/en/cudzoziemcy/obywatele-panstw-trzecich/chce-przyjechac-do-polski/czy-potrzebuje-wizy/

All persons requiring a visa to enter Poland i.e. a Schengen Visa (C-visa) or National Visa (D-visa) for a continuous stay of up to 90 days within their visa’s validity up to a maximum of one year should contact a consular office or apply online.

For work purposes, EU, European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland citizens can work in Poland without a work permit. For a full list see https://udsc.gov.pl/en/cudzoziemcy/obywatele-panstw-trzecich/chce-pracowac-w-polsce/

Citizens of Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine do not need a work permit if they intend to work in Poland for no longer than six months out of a 12-month period. For longer periods a work permit or temporary stay permit is required. Citizens of other countries need to apply for a work permit in order to work legally in Poland



What Types of Work Permits are there in Poland

  • Type A – for a contracted individual is employed by a company based in Poland
  • Type B – for a board member residing in Poland for 6 out of 12 months
  • Type C – for a person works for an international company’s branch or subsidiary for more than 30 days in 12 months
  • Type D – for a person working for a non-Polish employer, transferred to Poland
  • Type E – for a person transferred to Poland for longer than 3 months within the 6 months
  • Type S – seasonal work permit


Foreigners staying in Poland legally for work purposes can apply for a temporary combined residence and work permit for employment in a profession requiring higher qualifications.

What are the requirements to obtain a Work Permit for Poland?

Work permits are issued by a local “voivode” (government head of municipality). To be valid there must be a signed contract.

  • Provide the employment contract in writing
  • Provide a translation of the employment contract in a required language
  • Check validity and make a copy of work permit
  • Notify social security and health insurance institutions within 7 days after the contract is signed (for the right to free healthcare, sickness leave and other social benefits)

The following documents must be submitted by employers to obtain a work permit for a foreign employee in Poland:

  • Application form
  • Evidence of payment
  • Confirmation of employer’s legal status from the National Court Register
  • Current records of employer’s economic activity
  • Copies of applicant’s passport title pages with relevant travel information
  • Evidence of applicant’s health insurance
  • Company registration documents
  • Statement of company’s accounts
  • Copy of contract detailing the work to be undertaken

How much is a Poland Visa?

For an adult, the Schengen visa is €80 (PLN361)


The National D-visa is €80 (PLN361)


How much for a Poland Work Permit?

When the employer is applying there is no charge to the employee.

A temporary residence and work permit combined costs 440PLN (€97) for stamp duty and PLN50 (€11) for the residency card. A manager of a limited company, a joint-stock company or manager of shares or stocks pays PLN340 (€75) stamp duty and additional PLN50 (€11) for the residence card.


Business Visa Poland

A Business or Schengen Visa requires the following documentation:

  • Application form, valid travel documents
  • Photo, visa fee, email address
  • Medical travel insurance
  • Invitation letter from the Polish company, detailing address and visit dates
  • Letter from parent company’s employer giving permission for the visit
  • Proof of any previous relationship between the companies
  • Employment contract or latest 4 months’ salary slips
  • Parent company’s bank statements for the previous 6 months
  • Certified copy of parent company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and trade licence, with proprietorship or partnership documents
  • Confirmation that either parent or Polish company is covering costs of trip



Poland Entry Visa and Work permit for EU Citizens

Visas or work permits are not required for EU citizens, but they must register with local authorities if they stay longer than three months.

Poland Entry Visa and Work Permit for USA Citizens

USA citizens do not require a visa for stays up to 90 days, but their passport must be valid for three months beyond the end of the stay and been issued in the previous 10 years. A work permit is required for employment in Poland.

Poland Entry Visa and Work Permit for Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizens do not require a visa for stays of up to 90 days, but their passport must be valid for three months beyond the end of the stay and been issued in the previous 10 years. A work permit is required for employment in Poland.

Poland Visa for UK Citizens

Post-Brexit, UK citizens must have at least six months’ validity on their passport and decide whether they need an Airport Transit Schengen Type A Visa, or a Schengen Type C Visa if they plan to stay for a maximum of 90 days in any 180-day period. Applications can be made to a Polish diplomatic mission if Poland is the only destination in the Schengen area or is the main destination. A work permit is required for employment in Poland.

Poland Visa for Chinese Citizens

Chinese citizens need a visa for travelling to Poland. The visa expires after 90 days. Applicants are required to apply in person for a Schengen visa. A total of 10 documents are required. A work permit is required for employment in Poland.


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