Poland Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) Services

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Poland Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) Services 

Poland is the leading candidate for expansion into Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), a region that is recognized as an ‘economic growth engine’. Poland was the 11th strongest in Europe in 2020 and the strongest of the CEE former ‘Eastern bloc’ nations, according to the International Monetary Fund.

The World Bank shows Poland’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growing from USD170 billion to nearly USD600 billion in the last 20 years, rating it as a ‘high income’ nation, 22nd in the world for GDP and 40th for ‘ease of doing’ business out of 190 nations.

Poland is an industrialised mixed economy and provides a welcoming environment in a variety of key sectors as the government embraces the latest technologies and promotes innovation. These factors are attracting the attention of many businesses who are focussed on international expansion.

One option is to establish a subsidiary or branch. However, this is a prolonged and expensive process, with no guarantee of success. The best route into Poland is by utilising a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) and Employer of Record (EOR), such as Bradford Jacobs. We source the Polish employees through our PEO recruitment networks. Our EOR specialists handle every aspect of laborious admin such as tax, payroll, employment law and HR while your company has day-to-day control of the employees who are free to focus on business.

How Poland Professional Employer Organisation works

Each country presents different challenges for international expansion and Poland is no different. Bradford Jacobs provide a consultative approach with tailor-made solutions for each client. Our Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) international recruitment experts source the talent you need.

Then our Employer of Record (EOR) services will guarantee compliance with Poland’s Labour Laws, ensuring your employee can function quickly and efficiently while we handle compliance with payroll, tax filing, social security, termination and severance and human resources regulations. We also stay up to date with legislation changes that affect employment laws.

This is the swift and simple procedure to establishing a legal entity in Poland and being operational in days rather than weeks, avoiding the expensive and time-consuming route of sourcing staff, locating premises and registering your business, property and employees.

Bradford Jacobs’ consultation process begins by assessing your requirements and timeframe and the best business model for your operation in Poland. Moving forward, we take care of the following requirements in registering your new employees and company presence in Poland:

  • Apply for entry in the Trade Register
  • Apply for the essential REGON number from the National Statistics Agency (GUS)
  • Register with the Social Security Agency (ZUS)
  • Apply for a tax number (NIP)
  • Investigate whether your company is eligible for a start-up subsidy

The following simple steps highlight how Bradford Jacobs will assist your expansion into Poland.

  • Once the candidate is selected, Bradford Jacobs step in as EOR through our legal Polish entity to guarantee compliance with employment contracts, payroll, human resources, tax and where required, Polish visas and work permits
  • You have daily control of the employee, while Bradford Jacobs manage all work-related registration formalities and our consultants ensure employees are aware of holidays, benefits and entitlements policies
  • Employee sends us completed time sheets and approved expenses claims and we invoice you, the client. When paid, we deduct all contributions to Polish authorities and transfer the balance into employee’s nominated account
  • Within a few days your company has in-country staff in a new market, in prime position to explore further expansion without having risked the expense or hassle of setting up your own subsidiary or branch office

Using Poland Professional Employer Organisation Providers Features and Benefits

By partnering an Employer of Record (EOR) such as Bradford Jacobs for expansion into Poland, your company can focus on growth and development more effectively and efficiently. Remove the stress of complying with Polish employment laws and focus on business goals and plan the next step of your international expansion.

Bradford Jacobs’ combination of in-country expert and global expertise brings a number of significant advantages in cost structures, human resources, payroll and other aspects of employment.

  • Customised solutions for all nationalities working in Poland
  • In-country agents remove any language barrier problems while supporting your business and employees
  • Extensive EOR expertise ensures employees are aware of any treaties on expatriate tax, double taxation treaties, reclaimable expenses, pension schemes or social security agreements
  • If employee uses own accountant to file tax returns, fees are covered by Bradford Jacobs to the level charged by our accountant
  • Five million Euros cover for employers’ business liabilities
  • One-to-one contact with Bradford Jacobs’ consultants ensures employees can concentrate on work
  • Our expertise in Polish tax and social security schemes ensures the smooth running of your operation, freeing your employee to concentrate on their role

Poland PEO Features and Benefits for Employer

  • Quick set-up for employees in Poland for quicker access into the market
  • Transparent cost structure providing greater control over operating budgets
  • Stress-free start-up with minimal paperwork
  • Expert handling of compliance issues
  • Minimal legal obligations for employers
  • Reduced accountancy and legal costs
  • Bradford Jacobs’ services include all statutory professional insurances

Poland PEO Features and Benefits for Employee

  • Contracts and legal obligations follow Poland’s Labour Code
  • All payroll, benefits and social insurance payments dealt with 100% accurately and on time
  • Expert human resources assistance with employment-related issues
  • Updates on tax and compliance regulations
  • Poland PEO Contract of Employment Benefits
  • Employee receives comprehensive employment contract in Polish and English, detailing whether it is fixed-term, indefinite or for a trial period
  • Before contract offer Bradford Jacobs provide overview of all Polish statutory provisions, regulations and protocols
  • Bradford Jacobs’ advisers will recommend where provisions can be improved so employers can offer a competitive salary and benefits package
  • Salary, commission, bonuses and benefits are all contractually agreed with the employer

Poland PEO Human Resources Benefits

  • On-call service to assist with routine HR concerns such as absence management and processing expenses
  • Guidance with Poland’s compliance rules, such as any legal obligation to record hours worked and overtime
  • Prompt 24/7 support with disciplinary or grievance issues needing urgent response
  • Regular updates and on-call advice to ensure ongoing compliance with changes in Poland’s employment law
  • Liaison to ensure employees are up-to-date with companies’ internal policies and handbooks
  • Accident insurance as and if required by Polish law is provided as standard, covering occupational and commuting accidents and occupational illness

Poland PEO Payroll Services

  • Fully-compliant international EOR / PEO funding process, ensuring employees and authorities are paid electronically on time into nominated bank accounts. Learn more here
  • Statutory filing, submission and end-of-year accounts reporting
  • Liability payments made in accordance with Polish requirements to the respective authorities on time
  • Payments made to employees on agreed weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis, as required, in Polish currency
  • Electronic pay slips provided for employees
  • Compensation and benefits in Poland are also covered by EOR / PEO services.
  • If the employee terminates their employment, all necessary documentation will be dealt with promptly. Check here for more information

Poland PEO Visas, Work Permits and Migration

Bradford Jacobs ensure any necessary visas and work permits are obtained in time to secure the employee’s smooth migration into Poland, which is a member of the European Union. Our services strictly comply with all visa and work permit regulations as they apply to EU, non-EU and Central Eastern European nations. Work permits are dealt with in more detail here:

Poland Recruiting and Hiring

Bradford Jacobs provide global recruitment services for Poland, sourcing the highest calibre candidates to fill the designated role. Does your company need to recruit in Poland are anywhere else in the world? Reach out to the experts at Bradford Jacobs to discover more on our services here

Contact Bradford Jacobs to work with our Poland PEO Services

Bradford Jacobs’ unrivalled knowledge of Poland’s employment laws and tax regulations ensures that international companies will enjoy the smoothest possible transition for their expansion plans. Bradford Jacobs will clear every hurdle, from the first step of recruiting candidates for the designated role, to organising visas and work permits and then managing every aspect of administration. Bradford Jacobs’ expertise as an Employer of Record will ensure compliance with tax, payroll and employment laws, HR issues, insurance and statutory holiday entitlements for the employee, who remains under daily control of the parent company.

All of this is made possible by EOR and PEO, without the costly and time-consuming alternative of setting up a subsidiary within the country. You and your staff concentrate on business, Bradford Jacobs concentrate on everything else. To learn more about how Bradford Jacobs can remove the barriers to your company’s expansion into Poland, contact us.