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Setting up an Entity or Subsidiary in Poland 

Poland is among the most favourable destinations for companies expanding into the European market. The most obvious route is to establish a subsidiary, but the process is long and costly with no guarantee of success waiting at the end of the road. Employment and tax laws are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to regulations in Poland. The sensible and beneficial alternative is to partner with Bradford Jacobs as we provide comprehensive Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) and Employer of Record (EOR) services for Poland. The result? Instead of following the exhaustive procedures to set up a subsidiary, we have you up-and-running within days rather than weeks or months.

How to set up a Subsidiary in Poland

The most common form of subsidiary in Poland is a private limited liability company (Spolka.z.o.o). A limited liability company requires a minimum share capital of PLN 5,000 (€1,100) divided into non-transferable shares. Requirements include:

  • The company name must be unique with the suffix “Spolka.z.o.o” (or abbreviated Sp.z.o.o.)
  • Establish a board of directors chosen by the supervisory board or general meeting of the shareholders
  • Register company with the National Court Register and Commercial Register
  • Provide Articles of Association stating the name and address of the subsidiary, the internal regulations, the objectives, the name of the shareholders, their contribution to the capital and details regarding the shares and their attached rights
  • A Polish bank account must be opened for share capital to be deposited


Poland Subsidiary Laws

  • The subsidiary is a separate legal entity from the parent company and is a locally-registered Polish company, most commonly a private limited liability company
  • Articles of Association (or Incorporation) must detail information on business type and scope, shareholding structure and other relevant particulars
  • Subsidiary registration in Poland is with the National Court Register, who apply a tax identification number (NIP) for the local tax office
  • The company name must be unique and comply with certain restrictions on company names
  • The company must be registered for VAT
  • Corporate income tax will apply to the company’s worldwide income as it is a locally-registered Polish company


Benefits of setting up a Subsidiary in Poland

Setting up a subsidiary in Poland accesses a market with a well-educated, highly-qualified and cost-effective workforce. As a private limited liability company, the Polish subsidiary protects the parent company from potential losses, debts and legal liabilities.

Utilising the experience of an Employer of Record (EOR) such as Bradford Jacobs provides the additional benefit of being able to streamline your company’s compliance with the hiring process, employee management, payroll and taxes while you focus solely on business goals.

What you need to set up a Poland Subsidiary

Companies planning to set up a subsidiary in Poland face procedures that can take up to four months to complete. They need the expertise and guidance from an Employer of Record (EOR) organisation, whose familiarity with the legal procedures, employment and tax laws will smooth the entry process. Your company can have an operational presence is Poland within days rather than weeks or months. Contact Bradford Jacobs and fast-forward the process by utilising our Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) networks and EOR solutions.

Work with Bradford Jacobs Poland PEO Experts

Setting up a subsidiary is not recommended for international companies planning expansion into Poland. In addition to being time consuming and costly, companies face compliance issues with rigid laws and regulations. But with Bradford Jacobs’ EOR services your company can be operating swiftly and efficiently. There is no need for borders to bar the way or to be facing a tangle of red tape.