Denmark Visas and Work Permits

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Denmark Visas and Work Permits

Paying your staff in Denmark can be complex if you’re not aware of all the specific rules and regulations. Outsourcing to a dedicated Danish payroll service company like Bradford Jacobs will help you reduce costs and minimise risk and liability.

Danish Work Visas

The EU Blue Card Scheme was established to make it easier and more attractive for highly intelligent and educated people from elsewhere to live and work in European countries such as Denmark.

Eligibility conditions

If you have a higher education qualification and a contract or binding offer of work in Europe, then you may be eligible for a Blue Card. Once you have one, a Blue Card entitles you to work anywhere in the EU (apart from Denmark, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom).


  • Blue Card entitles holders to:
  • The same working conditions and pay as EU citizens.
  • The right to bring close family members to live with you.
  • The prospect of permanent resident status in the EU.

Danish Work Permits

The Type-A permit allows you to work for any employer in Denmark for an unlimited period of time. In order to be granted a Type-A work permit you must have lived and worked in Denmark on a Type-B permit for a minimum of 4 years.

The 4 year work requirement is shortened to 3 years for nationals of the following countries: Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, and Croatia.

The work requirement is reduced by another year if your spouse or dependent children have been living with you in Denmark for that time.

  • The Type-B permit is valid for one employer and runs for one year, after which it can be renewed (by the same employer, usually for the same job or job classification). If you change employers, your new employer must apply for a new B permit; in which case you may need to return to your home country and re-apply for a residence visa before you can start your new job.
  • Jobs filled using a Type-B work permit must pay a minimum of €39,802.
  • Once you have lived and worked in Denmark for 4 years on the same permit, you can receive an unlimited A permit.
  • The Type-C permit is valid for only one year, allowing the holder to work for multiple employers. This is usually issued to temporary migrant agricultural or domestic workers, or to those whose length of stay in Denmark is unconfirmed, such as asylum seekers. Type-C can be renewed.

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