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Belgium Company Formation 

Belgium Company Registration

Belgium is one of the most international and resourceful countries in the European Union. The country is not only of political significance but also an attractive solution for business. Company formation in Belgium is straight forward and beneficial for international companies. Contact us for a personalized solution for you and your business.

How to incorporate a company in Belgium?

The actual steps for forming a company in Belgium vary from company type to company type. In general, they can be broken down to the following:

  • incorporation needs to go through a notary
  • articles of association for a company limited by shares have to be published in Belgian Official Gazette
  • official documents have to be translated to be Dutch or French according to the city of incorporation
  • a two-year preliminary financial plan is required
  • when setting up a branch: the parent company’s accounts must be filed with National Bank of Belgium
  • Belgium is open to any foreign investors who wish to move their company and funds to the country or wish to establish a company in Belgium.
  • No prior authorization is needed. Certain business types such as transport, banking, or insurance are exceptions
  • you can bring foreign capital to Belgium without restrictions
  • takeovers or joint ventures do not require primary authorization

Contact us to learn more about the process of setting up a company in Belgium and the tax benefits that the country offers.

Requirements for a company formation in Belgium

The requirements for setting up a company in Belgium might vary between the different company types. Consult with us, to find out which one is most suitable for your needs.

In general, Belgium sets the following requirements for a company formation:

  • At least one shareholder is required. Alternatively, two in case of an S.A/N.V
  • One director minimum. An S.A/N.V involves a minimum of three

For an S.P.R.L./B.V.B.A., the minimum share capital is € 18,600. The minimum share capital paid up varies according to the number of shareholders. In the case of one shareholder, the liability is not limited. If the company has two shareholders, the liability is restricted to the share capital.

A financial plan must be submitted, and a degree or high school diploma must be presented for one of the directors of the new Belgium company.

Taxation and financial incentives of your company in Belgium

Depending on the city and area, setting up a company in Belgium might bring some financial benefits.

Flanders for examples offers financial aid to small and medium-sized businesses starting in industrial development zones or in established industrial zones. Also, larger companies can apply for funding, especially if they are in the biotech sector or dealing with environmental control.

In Wallonia, a company can receive help with the purchase of land, buildings, equipment, and project-related investment cost. Support for product research is also available.

Brussels offers investment grants, initial exemption from withholding taxes in some instances, interest-free loans for industrial research, and possible grants for employment.

Companies are taxed based on their net income, and the corporate tax rate is calculated accordingly. It is usually around 29% and will be reduced to 25 % in 2021. However, it might change from case to case.

Reach out to learn more about financial support for your business in Belgium or information about taxation.

Company types to incorporate in Belgium

Different company types can be formed in Belgium:

  • A company limited by shares or short S.A/N.V.
  • An S.P.R.L. or B.V.B.A., which is a private limited liability company
  • A through a subsidiary of a foreign company (incorporated under Belgian law)
  • A branch of a foreign-based company (incorporated under the law of the country where the parent is based).
  • A BBVBA is similar to a U.K. Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.). The official name for a B.V.B.A. is “Besloten Vennootschap met Beperkte Aansprakelijkheid.” and the shareholders’ liabilities are limited to the value of their share capital.

Another business entity in Belgium is the European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.). This type is a cross-border partnership comprising partners from different European countries. No capital is required for this company type. There are also no requirements for separate financial accounts, and partners taxed individually.

Find out which company type is suitable for you by contacting us and help us to set up the structure you and your business need.

How much does a company formation in Belgium cost?

The cost of forming a company in Belgium depends on the chosen structure and the number of shareholders. Contact us to get a tailor-made plan for your business and customised advice on the cost.

How long does the process of a company formation in Belgium take?

The incorporation process in Belgium takes approximately one week. That is if all the documents have been submitted correctly, and the requirements for the set-up process are met.

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