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Recruiting in Australia

Recruiting fresh talent in an overseas territory poses many questions for companies planning their foreign expansion. Bradford Jacobs’ global experience in international recruitment is indispensable for moving into Australia, one of the strongest Pacific Rim economies alongside China and South Korea and eight other nations in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The combination of a strong economy, low unemployment and high salaries make Australia massively attractive – but for foreigners the flipside is that employers are likely to favor the best-qualified home-grown talent in a competitive employment market.

Bradford Jacobs’ benchmark recruitment platforms as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) are built on a complete understanding of the Australian employment market and how to put the brightest talent in place for your company.

The Recruitment Process in Australia

Unsurprisingly for the world’s sixth largest landmass, with major cities spread hundreds and even thousands of miles apart, recruitment in Australia for employers and jobseekers took a major shift towards online resources. These include corporate, sector and careers’ websites, ‘job boards’ and social media. Referrals and internal promotions are also factors.

Apart from the significant tourism and services sectors, incoming foreigners will need to be highly-qualified for industries such as science and technology, engineering, energy, mining and healthcare.

Once candidates have been recruited, with the correct visas and permits for foreigners, the onboarding process includes the following:

• Registering for Pay As You Go (PAYG) and Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) with the Australian Tax Office (ATO)

• Registering with Centrelink for social security support, which is generally restricted to Australian citizens

• Remitting withheld taxes to the ATO

• Creating contracts and pay slips

However, the simple answer to avoiding these time-consuming and unproductive demands is to engage Bradford Jacobs as your Employer of Record (EOR). We will convert your Australian expansion blueprint into an action plan, as follows:

• Bradford Jacobs step in as EOR through our legal Australian entity to guarantee your employees comply with employment contracts, payroll, HR, tax and, where required, visas and work permits

• You have daily control of your employee, while Bradford Jacobs manage all work-related registration formalities

• Your employee completes time sheets and approved expenses claims and we invoice you, the client. Once paid, we remit all contributions to Australian tax authorities and transfer the balance into the employee’s nominated account

Taking the first step

Within a few days your company has an international presence in Australia, in prime position to explore further expansion without having risked the initial expense, commitment or hassle of setting up your own subsidiary or branch office.

Legal Checks you can make on Employees in Australia

The Fair Work Act, Privacy Act and Australian Human Rights Act govern most checks that employers can make on employees.

• Employers can verify that potential employees have the legal right to work in Australia, either as foreigners or citizens

• Generally, potential employees should be interviewed only on their suitability and experience as it relates to the position

• Employers can check references with previous employers but must not ask for any personal information

• Employers can verify educational qualifications and make credit checks only with the candidate’s written permission

• Employees (or potential employees) cannot be discriminated against because of their race, color, sex, sexual preference, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, family or carer’s responsibilities, pregnancy, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin

Basic Facts on Hiring in Australia

• Permitted interview questions are restricted by the Australian Human Rights Act and other guidelines. Candidates (or existing employees) cannot be discriminated against on grounds of race or color, gender, age, disability, marital status, family responsibilities, pregnancy or potential pregnancy, religious or political beliefs, nationality or social origin

• Written contracts are not legally required

Employers must comply with statutory requirements when hiring. These include:

• The national minimum wage of AU$19.84 (US$15.44) per hour or AU$753.80 (US$586) per week for a full-time employee

• Working hours are generally limited to 38 hours per week or 7.6 hours per day

• Paid vacation is a minimum of four weeks per year

• Paternity Leave Pay covers payments to employees on maternity leave, which is for 18 weeks including a set period of 12 weeks in an unbroken period, plus six weeks of flexible leave agreed with their employer

• Termination can only be implemented after the employer gives written confirmation of the final day of employment. Notice periods depend on age and length of service

• Severance includes outstanding pay, bonuses and pay in lieu of notice and other entitlements that may apply

Working with a Recruitment Agency in Australia

Recruitment agencies play a leading role and over 3,000 are members of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association which sets professional standards for the industry. Nationally, the government’s job-seeking platform operates for both employers and potential employees. See

In matching prospective employees with employers, some recruitment agencies specialize in specific sectors, such as engineering, mining, energy, healthcare and technology.

What are the benefits of Outsourcing Hiring for Australia?

The major plus from outsourcing recruitment in Australia is to streamline international expansion by opening potential new markets quickly and cost-effectively. Companies can focus on planning and developing their new venture.

Advantages for the parent company include:

• A wide-ranging talent search undertaken by a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) with reduced recruitment costs

• Control over capital expenditure, as outsourcing removes the initial need to establish premises for a subsidiary

• Reduce risks with an ‘easy in, easy out’ operation while exploring fresh markets

• Quickly start new projects

• Focus on core business

• Improve flexibility

• Scale the global workforce to fit the pace of expansion

Take the next step!

Now is the moment to outsource recruitment and payroll by contacting Bradford Jacobs to utilize our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Employer of record (EOR) networks to create the easiest possible expansion into Australia. We remove the risk of non-compliance with payroll and tax regulations, both at the national and state level. Your new staff members are operational within days rather than the weeks or months it would take to establish a costly subsidiary.