Hiring vs. Talent Acquisition: the Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Your Next Top Talent

Success of your business depends a lot on employing the right people. It goes well beyond meeting the budget and requirements. Your company’s reputation and work atmosphere are at stake. Making the right decisions on a regular basis will help you stay ahead of your competition.  However, hiring is stressful and time-consuming, therefore, outsourcing talent acquisition can be the right solution for you.

Hiring vs Talent Acquisition

First of all, let us establish the difference between hiring and talent acquisition. While hiring managers aim to simply fill vacancies, talent acquisition specialists concentrate on candidates who can fulfil specific goals or skillsets. They ensure that not only the gaps are being filled but your company employs the best person with relevant abilities and experience.

What are the benefits of outsourcing talent acquisition?

  1. Time-saving.

    Hiring process requires a lot of time. You need to create a meticulous job description, place it to relevant affiliates channels, constantly monitor incoming enquiries, select the best applicants and carry out the interviews. Outsourcing talent acquisition will streamline the process. Hiring specialists normally take over most of the work sending you only the top-matching candidates for the final interview. This allows you to free up time to address other important business tasks.

  2. Money-saving.

    Finding the right talent can turn out to be very costly. With skills shortage affecting many industries globally, your company might need to throw in additional resources it has not budgeted for. In the end, the risk that the final candidate will not be a 100% match remains. In this case, your business would need to invest in additional training. Meanwhile talent acquisition organisations have all the recourses needed. Moreover, your cost remains the same independently of how much effort was invested.

  3. Access to a larger talent pool.

    While trusting the hiring process to your internal HR team has many benefits, it has one major disadvantage. They get to choose only from the applicants that contact them. In the meantime, talent acquisition experts do not wait for enquiries. Instead they reach out to their professional network and choose from the top talents on the market.

  4. Risk mitigation.

    Finding the right employee is only half of the work. It is equally important to hire them compliantly, especially if your new talent comes from another country. Your talent acquisition partner can also handle all the legal procedures and Payroll.

Why do companies outsource talent acquisition? Because it works. From strategy and market research, to finding, closing and hiring your ideal candidate, an experienced partner can make all of the difference by helping streamline the process.


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